End of Tenancy Cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning is generally required when occupiers of houses of flat move out of a property and sometimes when new occupiers move in. Proper end of tenancy cleaning can play an important part in determining whether or not a tenant looses his /her deposit. Chrisco Cleaning services are the leaders in End of tenancy cleaning in Birmingham. As part of your EOT cleaning we do the following.


Are you a tenant aiming to receive your full deposit back? Or are you a landlord that needs a property professionally cleaned to ensure it is let as quickly as possible? Often tenants have massive deductions from deposits due to poor cleaning techniques and dis-repair of the property (e.g. holes/scuffed walls, mould, dirty ovens, fridges, cupboards and overgrown gardens).

Cleaning of bathroom

Cleaning and disinfecting toilet.
Cleaning the wall tiles.
Cleaning of wash basins, bath, , taps, shower and fittings.
Cleaning of shower heads, de-scaled, dried and polished.
All mirrors to be cleaned and polished.
Floors will be mopped and cleaned
Shower glass de-scaled and cleaned.


End of tenancy cleaning

EOT 1 bed apart £115

2 bed apprt £135

3 bed hse     £140

4 bed hse     £165

5 bed hse     £200

cleaning of kitchen

Cleaning of kitchen

Cleaning of all surfaces furniture. Cleaning of all cupboards inside/outside(shelves and doors Cleaning of all drawers, cupboards or shelves. Degrease of kitchen wall tiles Cleaning of cooker hobs, Fridge cleaning, cleaning rubber. Cleaning washing machine inside and out. Cleaning dishwasher inside and out. Cleaning microwave inside and outside. Clean exterior of all appliances including juice maker, kettle, toaster. Empty and clean the rubbish bin, dispose of rubbish Vacuuming and mopping of floors, cleaning of all skirting boards, clean light fixtures. Cleaning the sink, taps, remove lime scale and polish where required. Cleaning windows, window sills, cleaning doors, doors frames and door handles.

Service Information

  • Price :£100 per visit
  • Cleaning Hours :Minimum 2 hours
  • Number of Cleaners :02 Cleaner
  • Visiting Hours :09.00am - 06.00pm
  • Contact :0121 236 9882 / 07976763908
  • E-mail :admin@chriscocleaningservices.co.uk

Frequently Ask Questions

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All the products are environmentally friendly that are used and also have antibacterial qualities to ensure a good and safe clean.
Each quote is tailored to your home or business and how you use it and because we offer additional services, no quote will be the same.
Any complaints should be raised with our Birmingham UK Head Office as soon as reasonably possible within 24 hours and we will immediately instigate a full investigation
Payment is due the day the service is performed. You may pay by Visa, or Mastercard. For your convenience, if you prefer paying by credit card, a number may be left on file with us to use for each cleaning. One-time cleans require a credit card payment.